Undergraduates are a core part of our research team. Most semesters, the ARC team recruits undergraduate research assistants to help assist in projects focused on different forms of violence. Students will learn about social problems and develop various research skills including transcription, data management, coding, and identifying research articles. Dedicated students who qualify can potentially work on a senior year distinction project with our team. Generally, we only recruit undergraduate students who are able to register for 290 credit, and we do not take on volunteers. In our lab, we have the following expectations of our undergraduate research assistants and ourselves:

Undergraduates are here to:

    • Learn about community psychology and sexual violence/systems research
    • Gain specific skills that can be added to their resume/CV, and which will be especially useful to them should they pursue a research career – but which should be applicable to a variety of careers and activities
    • Apply knowledge and research skills to the project they have been assigned to
    • Work 9-10 hours per week in order to earn their 3 credit hours

Supervisors are here to:

    • Guide and encourage your learning
    • Support your progress
    • Provide correction and redirection as needed, via constructive comments – 290s cannot and will not know everything!
    • Push the research project through to completion, including pushing through to Principal Investigator-given deadlines
    • If applicable, serve as references for future employment, research, or educational opportunities

To apply to register as a 290 beginning fall of 2019: please complete this google form.